Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Earmarks of another feather...

The WSJ has a story in which they report that those filing lawsuits against the nation's gunmakers are now facing even more of an uphill battle as a result of a provision that was tucked into the 2006 authorization for the ATF that "bars contents of the ATF's "gun-trace" database from being used in any federal or state lawsuit that is pending or filed after Nov. 22, 2005".

Despite the claims from the provision's supporters that there are legitimate reasons for this provision (supposedly to protect police officers from criminals learning of their investigations), those claims are so weak that it is clear that the primary purpose of this provision was to derail the lawsuits that are springing up alleging that gunmakers have been negligent in their sales and marketing of handguns.

Now, I am no fan of these lawsuits, but this sure smells like the work of a lobbyist getting his or her money's worth from the political donations they've spent on Capitol Hill... and is just as bad as all of the other crap that goes on in DC and receiving the lion's share of attention right now.