Friday, January 20, 2006

Despite FBI Director Robert Mueleer's claims that "Terrorism is terrorism", the 11 environmentalists just charged with 'eco-terrorism' are NOT terrorists...

A necessary component of 'terrorism' is (at the least, it ought to be) the deliberate targeting of a civilian population. Terrorists try to blow people up. These 'eco-terrorists' didn't target people, they targeted facilities.... they targeted 'things'. The crime a terrorist commits is murder. The crimes these 'eco-terrorists' are charged with include "arson, attempted arson, vandalism and illegal releases of animals".

And there's a big difference between what a real terrorist does and what these people are alleged to have done.

Make no mistake about it, these people are vandals and should be prosecuted for what they've done, but to call them terrorists and their actions terrorism diminishes what is really terrorism. Go ask an Israeli if they think some freak setting fire to some SUVs is comparable to a nutcase setting off an explosives belt in a Tel Aviv market. Ask your neighbor if they felt the same way upon hearing that test rabbits were set free from a research facility (that is if they even heard the news) as they did when they heard about airliners being flown into the Twin Towers.

So let's just resist the temptation to call these people terrorists. Let's reserve our anger for those the label really ought to affixed to...