Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Corner is taking Pat Robertson to task for Robertson suggesting that God may have punished Ariel Sharon for having given up land to the Palestinians.

Well, God hasn't confided in me his latest thinking, but looking at this logically (I know, it's oxymoronic), there are only a few possibilities:

1) Yes, God did this (for his reasoning, you will have to ask God yourself), or

2) No, God did not cause this to happen, which means either:

A) God was busy elsewhere and wasn't paying attention, or

B) God knew what was going on and either didn't care enough or didn't have enough power to keep it from happening.

I can't say that any of these possibilities makes me happy. I've never liked the idea that God strikes down those on the good side. And it takes a bit away from the whole premise that 'God is everywhere' if it's shown that bad things happen only because God doesn't always pay attention as well as he should to what is going on down here on Earth. But I'd guess, for those who really believe in God, that even that is better than thinking there are forces out there with more power than God.

I also like Eugene Volokh's take...