Monday, January 23, 2006

Condi, what's the point of letting Iran know "there is a firm international consensus against the activities that Iran is currently engaged in"?

Do you actually believe that Iran is only going ahead with its nuclear program because it mistakenly thinks the world community support their doing so? Do you actually believe that Iran would stop what it is doing if the world community yelled louder? Don't you realize that Iran is doing what they are doing with the full knowledge that the United States and many other countries don't like what it is doing? And that no amount of saying please is going to make a difference?

In a sign that our Administration is dangerously putting "process ahead of the horse", Rice said "the focus was on diplomacy but reiterated that no options were off the table".

Since this is such an important life and death issue, I can't stop repeating myself: the only options that ought to be on the table are those that actually have a chance of working. And international pressure, condemnation, keeping Iranian athletes from the Olympics and blocking foreign investment in Iran WILL NOT WORK. How can anybody be so stupid to think that the Mad Mullahs will back down if they get referred to the UN Security Council? Don't people realize that having nuclear weapons gives Iran the ability to take the UN's condemnation and shove it right back in their corrupt incompetent faces?

George, you're fiddling while the world is burning. Stop fiddling and start acting. Now. Please. For all of our sakes.