Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Bush Doctrine... it is dead, it is over, it is so in the archives, it needs to be relegated to the dustbin of history...

A big part of Bush's rationale for invading Iraq was to send a signal to other unfriendly countries that they too could be targeted if they didn't change their attitude towards us. And a big part of Bush's rationale for sticking around in Iraq was to help install a democracy there that would light the fuse of reform around the entire Middle East.

Well, both wells have come up dry...

With the exception of Libya (and there is no way to ever know for sure what motivates Kaddafi), there hasn't been one country that has moderated its behavior towards the United States in the wake of the Iraq invasion. Syria allows its territory to be used as staging grounds for the terrorists fighting us in Iraq. Iran still sponsors terrorists and is pushing ahead with its plans to go nuclear. Pakistan is still very much a net-supporter of terrorists. Saudi Arabian money still flows to terrorist groups. If anything, Bush's push has resulted in these countries increasing their anti-US activities.

And there's been no progress at all towards Bush's dream of a democratized Middle East. Egypt just conducted as fraudulent an election as they ever have had. Iran's democracy is no different from that of the former Soviet Union. What little there was of a democratic uprising in Lebanon has fizzled.

So again, I ask: just what have we gained with the deaths in Iraq of over 2,000 American soldiers and Marines?