Tuesday, January 17, 2006

As much fun as it is to watch 24, there are some elements that are just so wrong that they need to be noted...



* CTU has the terrorist's cell phone number... but they don't monitor his calls during the course of the siege?
* CTU sets up a perimeter around the terminal so weak the accomplice (yellow tie) manages to get away?
* And why have the accomplice in the crowd of hostages at all? Why run the risk that he could be killed if/when CTU launched their attack?
* Chloe has Jack's cell phone number? The guy is supposed to be dead and he's given his number out? Jack knew how to get in touch in CTU should he ever need to - why would he have thought they would ever want to get in touch with him. He certainly wouldn't still have had a CTU phone (nobody would have noticed that someone was running up minutes on a dead guy's phone?).
* Why didn't Chloe call for help from CTU? She had no reason to think that CTU was part of the attack on Palmer, Michelle and Tony.
* Jack's phone (a Sprint Treo 650) takes much better pictures than mine does. And I can't transmit pictures while I'm on the phone. And the pictures I email sure don't go as fast as Jack's did.
* And I sure don't have any fancy detonator activating program on my Treo. Can I download that from Handango?
* And how is that none of the sharp people at CTU couldn't pick up on Jack's use of the distress code, that only the hobbit would do so?
* And why is Audrey (SecDef daughter and advisor) hanging around CTU? Domestic anti-terrorism doesn't fall under the purview of the SecDef.
* How is that the President's advisor (can't remember his name) is so easily able to get his hands on chlorofoam.. and know just how to use it?
* How is it that the aide can make cell phone calls that aren't monitored?
* The aide told the terrorists that Jack was there.. because he wanted the attack to fail? If his motivation was to have the attack fail which would in turn cause the President to not sign the agreement, then why tell the President to go ahead?
* Why didn't Jack, as soon as the rescue was over, alert CTU that someone let the terrorists know he was in the terminal and of his relationship with the kid?
* The contents of the shipping container are obviously valuable to the terrorists. So why stage their hostage taking adventure right there, where the police are sure to be swarming around? The only thing I can think of is that the attack gave them cover to dig through the floor to get to the container... but why was the container there in the first place? It makes no sense for the terrorists to have shipped it there. If it was being held there by the government and the hostage taking was only to cover for the terrorists getting to the storage area, then why didn't any of CTU's little data mavens come across that little nugget?
* And under any scenario under which the container is there, why does the baggage supervisor have the passcard to open the container? If it the government stored the container there, the guy was too far down the food chain to be entrusted with the card. And if the terrorists, or anyone else for that matter, had shipped it there, why not have simply given the card to the accomplice (yellow tie)?
* Jack sure didn't lose any of his 'skills' while spending 18 months away from action... nor did any of the batteries for his special gear lose their charge.
* Why would the kid have thought the guys exiting the van represented trouble of any kind? Their weapons weren't visible, they weren't wearing masks.
* Why wasn't the terrorist surprised when Jack referred to him by name? He knew Jack was there, but what was the point of the masks if he wasn't trying to hide his identity?
* And unless the masks were a charade of some kind, was he planning on killing all of the hostages, since the hostages had seen their faces?
* Only four people knew Jack was alive: Palmer, Michelle, Tony and Chloe. They would have had no reason to tell anyone... so how would anyone know that Jack was alive?
* What's the point of trying to frame Jack for killing Palmer (not necessarily a flaw, but certainly a hole that ought to be, but probably won't be, explained). For that matter, if the point was to silence Palmer, why try to frame anyone? If the assassins knew the camera was there, they certainly could have masked themselves going into that building.
* Even if someone discovered Jack was alive and learned that Tony, Michelle and Chloe knew, why kill them? If the point was to frame Jack, those three couldn't have done anything to disprove Jack being in the building across from Palmer.
* Why in the world would Palmer hide information about the baggage official in his memoirs?
* Why would Palmer have called the First Lady and not Mike, with whom he had a good working relationship?
* And we're assuming the President in Episode 4 ended up dying or leaving office as a result of Air Force One being shot down... for continuity purposes, it would have been nice for a word or two to that effect.

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