Monday, January 23, 2006

Are we being hypocrites, people?

The United States mission in Havana is attempting to "break Cuba's information blockade" by broadcasting quotes from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the side of its building in Havana.

As much as we can (or should) all agree that Castro is one of the most despicable people on the planet and someone the world would be far better off without, we sure would raise a ruckus were the Cuban Interests Mission in the US to broadcast anti-American, anti-Bush messages.

So, is this a case of doing to our neighbors what we wouldn't want done to ourselves?

Or do we look at this a different way, by applying not the Golden Rule but rather what I call the "Is it good for us?" rule... namely, things that are good for us are okay and things that we don't like are not okay?

By this standard, it would be okay for us to torture terrorist suspects (because doing so is to our benefit) while objecting were anyone to do the same to an American citizen. We could launch missiles into Pakistani territory (again, because killing terrorists is good for us) while reserving the right to complain if anyone else were to launch a missile into a NYC brownstone.

Not a bad standard, is it?

Well, actually there are some people who would object... those who (for some unknown reason) fail to value American lives and interests ahead of others in the world. To these idiots, oops, I mean people, we're ALL God's creatures and some peasant in a hut ought to be valued as highly as we value our own families, neighbors, friends and fellow Americans.

Screw em...