Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yesterday, I wrote critically of Germany's decision to release Mohammed Ali Hammadi, the terrorist who murdered Robert Stethem, a US sailor, after his serving 'only' 19 years of what was supposed to be a life sentence.

What I didn't pick up on yesterday was the 'coincidence' that news of Hammadi's release came just a couple of days after a German hostage in Iraq was released.

Now comes a report that Hammadi was actually set free before Osthoff was released by her terrorist kidnappers in Iraq, that "Hammadi slipped out of Germany last week" before she was released.

Of course, the Germans deny any connection between the two. But, given that the Germans let him go despite their knowing that we wanted him extradited to America, and knowing the Germans have a long history of freeing terrorists before their time, a cynic such as myself might be inclined - and justified - to disbelieve them.

And these guys are supposed to be our allies in the war on terror?

More outrage here.