Friday, December 30, 2005

While checking out Mr. Free Cory Maye, I saw that Radley is yanking on the City of Manassas (VA) decision to restrict the number/extent of people living in a single house, which, according to Radley, is "one of the most hateful pieces of anti-immigrant legislation".

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is another example of the pot doing the same thing they complain about when the kettle does it... taking something that affects one group more than other groups and labelling it as 'anti-(fill in the name of group here)'.

Conservatives HATE it when they're accused of being racist because something they're in favor of MIGHT have a disproportionate impact on blacks.

Well, Radley is doing the same thing, accusing the good people of Manassas of being anti-immigrant bigots because they dared to put limits on the number of people who can share a single house. Sure, the ordinance might affect more immigrants than non-immigrants... but the ordinance is not aimed at immigrants, per se, it is aimed at ALL those who cram 14 people into a single family home.

And, what I ask you, is wrong with a municipality saying that 14 people don't belong in a single household? Or that a house that contains a father, mother, three kids, four cousins, two uncles and three aunts is not exactly what residents have in mind for their neighborhood?