Monday, December 12, 2005

What happened if they marched and no one cared?

Courtesy of the Good Captain, I read of this column in Salon where the writer suggests that, because removing "current oligarchy" is so important it

"might take precedence over our personal predilections for writing, teaching and the like",

and it might be necessary to

"go on general strike, for instance. We might be called upon to set up camp in the streets for weeks or months, to gather and remain in large public squares as the students in Tiananmen Square did, and dare government forces to remove us or to slaughter us in the streets"....

Well... leaving aside the Good Captain's rejoinder that Bush's 'regime' will be out of office in another 3 years and that Bush is in the White House only because he got more votes than the candidate the author preferred, what makes the author think the country will notice, let alone care, if he and his comrades stop doing what they're doing in order to go sit in the streets?

Actually, courtesy of the MSM, I'm sure we'll all notice them.... but I won't care if the writers at Salon stop writing (and, gauging by their readership, not too many other people will care either). Nor will I care if Ben and Jerry's shuts down in sympathy. Nor will I care if the others who can be deemed the hard core of the left, in order to man the barricades, stop working at Tower Records and Starbucks. Nor will I care if the entire left side of the activist crowd stops sending out press releases bemoaning Bush this and Bush that. Nor will I care if every liberal arts major stops attending class in order to march down Pennsylvania Avenue and set up their tents across from the White House.

With kids, sometimes the best thing is to let them go and follow through on their threats... just so they can see how silly they are.