Friday, December 02, 2005

Well, on the heels of silly Arlen Specter calling for an Senate investigation into Terrell Owens' suspension, it's another silly Republican, Joe Barton of Texas, who wants to investigate the BCS (Bowl Championship Series, which is the way NCAA bowl bids get handed out)... because, "college football is.... a billion-dollar business that Congress cannot ignore" and "the current system of determining who's No. 1 appears deeply flawed".

Mr. Barton, what is flawed is your understanding of what you're sent to Congress to do. I don't care if football is the most important thing in Texas (and I'm a native Texan, so get off my back). Let's see, you can devote your attention to Iraq, to making permanent the tax cuts, to reforming Social Security, to protecting our borders, to making sure the CIA has its act together... or any number of important things.... and you take up microphone time talking about the way a football championship gets decided?

UPDATE: It turns out that Mr. Barton is doing some good things, as he is leading the investigation into plaintiff attorneys screwing us all with their asbestos and silicosis claims (filing a claim for each for a single person, when it's practically impossible to suffer from both).... but just think of how much good he could do if he spent ALL of his time on matters such as this and not on whether the BCS is 'unfair' to one team or another.