Wednesday, December 28, 2005

We love them, we love them not...

The left can't stand the CIA, except when someone in the CIA leaks information critical of Bush... then the CIA is a national treasure. They scream about leaking classified information... if that information can be helpful to Bush (as in the case of revealing Valerie Plame's relationship to Joe Wilson), but when the information is of a nature the Bush Administration wants kept quiet, there's nary a peep about the harm that leak might have done to national security. They love letting reporters protect the identity of their sources... except when it comes to looking for information that can be used to go after Karl Rove... except when going after that information is used to put reporters in jail. The left wants religion kept out of the public square... except when it comes to giving Hannukah the same protection as that sought for Christmas. They attack Bush for not doing enough to protect America from terrorist attack... except when they find out Bush has been rather aggressive in trying to do just that, by monitoring communications and radiation levels near mosques without first getting a warrant... in which case they declare Bush to be the bigger threat to America.

And the right is no better. They love state's rights... except when it comes to whether a state can let people use marijuana, pull the plug on a brain-damaged woman, or take private property and give it to developers... in which cases, these are issues the federal government just has to get involved in. Elections are best left to the states to administer... except when the Presidency was at stake, in which case the Supreme Court had to get involved. The right professes to hate how easily the left throws out allegations of 'racist' this and 'sexist' that... except when the left opposes a Bush judicial nominee who is a minority of some kind, at which time the right pulls out its own race card.

And the United Nations is one organization that has occupied a special place of disgust in the hearts of many on the right. The UN is viewed as a bunch of corrupt and incompetent boobs whose goal in life is to enrich themselves while pursuing an anti-American and anti-Israel agenda.

Not surprisingly, the left usually has a somewhat different view of the UN, a much more positive view... in their minds, the UN is a force for good, for advancing a more enlightened social and economic agenda. In fact, the left thinks so much of the UN that they tried to block John Bolton from becoming Ambassador to the UN because, in their mind, he wasn't sufficiently appreciative of that fine organization.

Given this, what's the likelihood that the right discounts the UN declaring Iraqi elections as "credible" as itself not being credible? After all, if they are as corrupt and incompetent as the right says, why believe anything they say?

And, what's the likelihood that the left will accept the UN's blessing of the Iraqi elections... even though they know it makes Bush look good?

Yeah, I agree, not much.