Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Washington Post has an editorial today which pays tribute to Robert Stetham, the Navy sailor who was killed during a hijacking 20 years ago, and whose killer was just set free by the German government.

While this particular Post editorial may not be the place for the Post to "concern ourselves with him (Mohammed Ali Hammadi, the killer) here anymore, nor with Germany's inexplicable decision (to release him), it sure would be nice if the Post soon took a look at what the Germans have done.... and whether the Post wants to keep including Germany in the 'international community' they feel Bush is so obligated to appease.

They let a terrorist who was supposed to be serving a life sentence out of jail after only 19 years in jail. They did so in what could only be described as curious timing, coming right before the release of a German who was being held hostage in Iraq. Their former President just took a job with a Russian company in circumstances that call into question whether he had been representing German interests or that of his future employers while he was President - if this happened here at home, the Post would be in front of those calling for an investigation. The Germans continue to resist escalating pressure on the madman running Iran, betting that, by doing so, Iran will aim their nuclear armed missiles elsewhere, preferably at Israel, where Iran could finish off what the Germans only started to do.

Other than the fact that the Germans oppose Bush's policies - against terrorism, on global warming, on trade - what reason is there for the Post to support anything those ridiculous people are doing?

Never mind, I've answered the question myself.