Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A thought on the NYC transit strike...

The whole idea of 'negotiating' with the transit workers is a joke. Negotiations take place when both sides have a degree of power. But when a union doesn't have the right to strike, as is the case with the TWU, the union has no power. It can't threaten the city. The city can impose whatever pay scale and benefit plan it wants and the union really has no choice.

So to read that the city was making concessions to the union just is mind-boggling. Concessions are made to those who have some degree of power.... and, as I hope the union soon finds out, they have no power. Sure they are on strike, but the city is coping without them on the job, the union is being fined $1 million a day (which I hope the city moves to collect each and every day), and union workers are facing fines equal to 2 days pay for every day they are out on strike.

The city holds the cards... it's just a shame that they aren't calling the union's bluff... really calling their bluff.