Monday, December 05, 2005

Spielberg is a complete idiot.... how else to explain his comment that "MUNICH (his latest movie) doesn't demonize either the Israeli or Palestinian side?

Right, you fool, there's no support for showing the Palestinian terrorists as being anything less than regular guys like you and me? And why even raise the issue of demonizing' the Israeli side? Their citizens were murdered and, as every government has the right to do, they went about bringing the murderers to justice. That is something to be proud of.

Here's a clue, Steven. Had you been in that complex, you would be dead. Had any of these non-demonic Palestinians come across you on the street, you would be dead. Had any of their descendants come across you on the street, you would be dead. Had you been outside a shopping mall in Netanya today, you would be dead.

Dead because you are Jewish.... and dead because they are terrorist scum.

You know, reading Spielberg's comments meshed real nice with the Washington Post's front page headline today "Democrats Find Iraq Alternative Is Elusive", as Spielberg certainly is one of the premier standard bearers of the Democratic party. And, if the likes of Spielberg have trouble distinguishing between good and bad with regards to something like Munich (and thereafter), an event that is so black and white that no two reasonable people should have any disagreement on, then the Democrats are certainly without hope when it comes to figuring out to look at things today.