Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Somebody breaks into your house, but you refuse to call the cops... and the neighbors wonder why...

Why hasn't the Bush Administration publicly called for the Justice Department to investigate the leaking to the NYT of the NSA's monitoring programs?

Sure, Bush has defended the program, claiming both that it was legal and that it was an important tool in protecting the country against terror attacks.

But it's not enough to defend the program as being legal. If in fact the program was/is an important part of our national security program, then what whoever it was that revealed the details of the program to the NYT did more damage than to our security than whoever it was that told Novak of Valerie Plame.

And Bush's failure to publicly call for an investigation - not into the surveillance but the leaking - makes the public wonder why he isn't bringing the long arm of the law into play... which makes them wonder if Bush is in fact being totally candid about what was done. It's like getting robbed and not calling the police... you do that and everybody wants to know what you're hiding. And, as we all know, right now Bush has a bit of a credibility problem.

As the old quote goes, Me thinketh Bush doth protest too littleth... or something like that.

Get with it... get Gonzales in front of a microphone... along with Fitzgerald.

Now that would be a Fitzmas present worth opening.