Monday, December 12, 2005

Some random thoughts this morning...

The Post, leading the charge for Hillary Clinton, has an article on her (mostly) pro-Iraq war views, "Hillary Clinton crafts centrist stance on war", and saying that she has "stayed steadfastly on a centrist path, criticizing President Bush but refusing to embrace the early troop withdrawal options that are gaining rapid favor in her party".

Gee, criticizing Bush AND staying true to the overall mission? You don't think there's any chance that those two planks would be what the American people has a whole are in favor of, do you? And, if by some odd chance, it was, would you believe that Hillary came to those 'views' out of principle and conviction, and not as a result of studying the polls?

Me neither.

The Post also ran today one of their periodic photo spreads of the American soldiers who died in Iraq... and every time, I wonder what their motivations are for doing so...

I don't believe for a minute that the Post editors are truly interested in honoring the soldiers who have died in Iraq. The Post editors don't support the war, they don't support the military, and they don't support the President who ordered the military into combat. The Post editors look down on the families from whom the ranks of our military is drawn. They look down as 'flyover country' the towns and cities from which the military comes from. The editors of the Post aren't putting flags on their front porches on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. If they ever go to Arlington Cemetary (on purpose and not as a result of missing the exit off the GW Parkway, their thinking is 'what a waste', and not 'thank you very much'.

Nor do I think the Post is doing so because they're concerned about the number of deaths, some 2,140 as of last weekend (in the 2+ years of fighting). More people have lost their lives in car crashes during that time. More people are dead from lung cancer. Katrina killed almost half that number of people in just a few days and I haven't seen the Post running photo essays on those deaths.

What the Post is doing reminds me of what they (and many other MSM papers) did in the initial stages of the AIDS outbreak... they're running these photo essays to make an editorial point. And would you believe that editorial point is that owe thanks to those who serve, those who have died and to their families?

Me neither.