Monday, December 05, 2005

So Bush thinks it appropriate to remind companies to honor their pension obligations... well, would someone remind our MBA President that companies are already obligated by law to honor those promises and the only way for a company to disregard those obligations is if the company doesn't have the money needed to honor its committments? Just how is Bush thinking a company can honor its pension obligations - or any of its obligations, for that matter - if it doesn't have enough money to do so? Is he planning on giving them the money? Is he planning on forcing the public to buy the company's products or services so the company can make enough money to meet its obligations?

No, I'm afraid this is just another time where Bush's mouth and brain are running on tracks that lead away from reality. I'm sure he (and the bright lights in his Administration) have been looking at the MSM harping on poor pensioners - such as at Delphi and GM - who are looking at not such a rosy future, and thinking that Bush ought to be saying something so the public thinks he is on top of the situation.... so he says something really dumb, something totally at odds with reality, common sense and good economic policy.

Just as he said something really dumb in the early days of the Plame kerfuffle. Just as he said (and did) something really dumb in the aftermath of Katrina.

And, while he's obviously big on the idea of keeping promises, I wonder why he isn't keeping his word to tirelessly (my word, if not exactly his) work to improve our security at home?