Sunday, December 18, 2005

PoliPundit (him(?)self, and not the group blog bearing his name), in addition to expressing his opposition to Bush's guest worker/amnesty program, points out the absurdity of RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman worrying that opposition to Bush's plans will hurt the GOP politically. Polipundit says, that in addition to Bush's programs being opposed by most of the GOP base, it isn't a winner among Latinos themselves.

No argument there, his math is pretty solid. Pissing off most of one's base in order to please some group that, at best, adds up to a fraction of those you've pissed off is a great way to lower ones numbers, not increase them.

Yet this is not out of character for Bush, nor for those who view themselves as the 'enlightened' side of the GOP. Affirmative action is very much opposed by a majority of the GOP base... yet Bush has done nothing, as far as I can tell, to eliminate this program. The majority of the GOP base wants lower spending, yet Bush has not only refused to cut spending, he has led the way to federal spending being higher than ever before. The majority of the GOP base wanted Bush to support the 'nuclear option' in the Senate, but Bush stood on the sidelines.

And the reason Bush is doing all of this? It could be, in what would be the role reversal of all time, because Bush thinks he is smarter than the rest of us, that he thinks these issues are actually winners for us, and that we're too stupid to know what is good for us. It could be because Bush is on another one of his crusades, like the one he is on to bring democracy to all the dark corners of the world, only this time to help out all the poor people of other countries who so desperately want to come to America. It could be because Bush is trying to show that he is 'growing in office' (the affliction that ails most GOP elected officials who, when getting to Washington, or in the case of Bush, some number of years into their time there, discover the need to take positions that the NYT and Washington Post would approve of).

Or, it could be because, as his critics on the left have long suggested, he is simply not very bright and he has surrounded himself in a protective bubble of sycophants who know not and dare not tell him when he is doing wrong...