Thursday, December 08, 2005

One of the big obstacles to advancing conservative policies is the sheer stupidity of some of the people endorsing those policies... and Peggy Noonan, in her column today on illegal immigration provides a great example of that stupidity.

And, no, you fools, I'm not talking about Peggy being stupid.

I'm referring to the would-be Minutemen (volunteers who patrol the border) she refers to in her column and how they were described as dismissing their critics as being "communists" and "child molesters".

Now, why in the world is this necessary? I seriously doubt that those opposed to what the MinuteMen are doing are truly communists and child molesters. Disagree with them all you want. Argue with them. But don't call them names, especially names that have nothing to do with the subject being discussed.

It's possible that the Minutemen supporters actually think their opponents are communists and child molesters. And, if they do think this, they are idiots.

It's possible that the Minutemen don't think their opponents are communists and child molesters, but feel it helps their cause by labelling their opponents as such. And, if they think this, they are idiots.

See, there's no better way to lose support for a cause than by going off the deep end in trying to demonize those who disagree with you. You end up losing support from the middle, whose support you desperately need. You lose support from your own side, as the not-so-rabid types shy away from you out of disgust with your tactics. And you energize the other side, who quite reasonably doesn't take well to being called communists and child molesters.

I've long thought the conservatives had better arguments for their policies than liberals had for theirs, as we have proof our policies work, while they have nothing but failure after failure to show for their attempts at making things work. But, time after time, the crazies on our side take the focus away from the merits of the arguments and turn the spotlight on to them...

And every time that happens, support for conservative principles drops...