Monday, December 05, 2005

Like so many others, Rice misses the cart for the horse with her declaration that we "will use every lawful weapon to defeat these terrorists"...

What Rice and Bush and the rest of the Administration should be doing is focusing on defeating these terrorists using whatever means are necessary. As my daddy once told me (okay, he told me this more than once), when you're in a fight, make sure you win. Don't worry about fighting nice. To paraphrase the cops' expression, 'tis better to have fought 'dirty' and won than to have the mourners at your funeral talking about you fought the 'fair' fight'.

It's not a question of our 'needing' to torture and fight 'dirty' to win the war against terror. We're a strong enough country that we can win even tying a hand behind our back. But winning isn't the goal, winning as fast as possible and with as few casualties as possible is the goal. So if it takes torturing a few people to win the fight against terror as soon as and with as few casualties as possible, then let's do so. If it takes knocking down a few mosques, let's knock them down. If it takes having the French in a tizzy, then what are we waiting for (remember, if they're not in a tizzy over one thing, they will be over another)?

See, every time our Administration decides to elevate a secondary goal... such as not using torture to gain information necessary to prevent terrorist attacks... or holding our troops back in Iraq for fear of appearing insensitive to Muslims... or letting the Europeans take the lead in dealing with Iran for fear of hurting Germany and France's feelings... the Administration is sentencing Americans to death.

Just as I'd never want to have to face the family of a serviceman killed in Iraq and tell them their loss could have been avoided had their loved one had better armor or better training, I sure wouldn't want to have to tell them that their grieving wouldn't be taking place had we applied a bit more 'pressure' on our captives.... or been a bit less interested in sucking up to our so-called 'allies'...

Job #1 for the President is to defend America and keep Americans safe.... his job is not to worry about whether Abdul or Mohammed are having their toenails pulled out while in captivity.