Friday, December 02, 2005

Letting the families of 9/11 victims (although I thought we all were victims) dictate airline safety procedures is as silly as looking to Cindy Sheehan to decide our foreign policy... or letting John McCain decide what our policy should be on 'coercive interrogations'...

Just because they had someone close to them killed on that date doesn't endow them with any "unique moral standing" to decide what is right and wrong for the rest of us. They're biased, they're bitter... and pretty much everything that is in their heads and that comes out of their mouths is clouded by their anger over what happened. They wouldn't be allowed on any jury that was hearing a case related to the events of 9/11.... so why look to them to ratify/condemn changes in airline safety procedures?

We're all sorry for their losses.... but I don't want to keep having them thrust on us (or thrust upon us by the media).... let them mourn and rebuild in private.