Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's a shame that Bush makes claims that don't hold up under the least amount of examination...

Today's example is his claim that our leaving Iraq "would hand Iraq over to enemies who have pledged to attack us".

Now, at best, there's some thousands of insurgents/terrorists in Iraq, operating from various bases of operation, but lacking any fixed positions. They hold none of the major population centers, control none of the basic infrastructure and have no control over any of the media. And while I don't know the exact mix, I presume some numbers of the terrorists would, assuming we took off, decide to go somewhere else to get their jollies killing Americans... furthering lowering the number of hostiles in country.

Contrast that with the Iraqi forces we have been training. Even if you take the lower number offered up by Bush critics , there are some tens of thousands of Iraqi troops and police forces in place, with thousands more in the pipeline. Their operational effectiveness has been increasing, evidenced by the higher levels of responsibility they have been entrusted with over the past several months.

Sooooo, imagine that we pull our troops out tomorrow (which not even Murtha is suggesting). There may be a fight between insurgents and the American-trained Iraqi forces... but 'handing control'? Not at all.