Monday, December 05, 2005

It's one thing to say, as I have, that our troops should have been pulled out of Iraq a long time ago...

It's another thing altogether to say that our troops can't win, as Howard Dean has apparently done.

Likening Iraq to Vietnam (as aging anti-war liberals do in order to continually validate their opposition to the Vietnam War), Dean confuses the 'lack of a will to win' that consigned South Vietnam to the dung heap that is Communism with a 'lack of an ability to win' in making his claim that "win(ning) the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong".

I have no doubt, a feeling I believe is shared by most Americans, that our troops can easily defeat the enemies they are facing... provided the civilian leadership at home doesn't screw things up or get in the way.

Unfortunately, the civilian leadership (that's you, Mr. President) is screwing things up. They are denying our troops the freedom to operate with overly restrictive rules of engagement. They are keeping our troops from getting the intelligence they need by outlawing 'coercive interrogations'. They are making things harder for our troops by not punishing Syria and Iran for providing weapons, safe passage and a safe haven to our enemies.

But, back to Dean. As I've posted before, I believe the anti-war protests of the 60s was not motivated by anything other than the cowardice and selfishness of the protestors. They were unwilling to give up their coddled little lives that their parents had provided them. And, rather than admit this is what they were doing, they came up with a whole slew of ridiculous arguments to make people think their actions were motivated by philosophy and not by selfishness and cowardice. And, ever since, they've been stuck having to stay true to this ridiculous anti-war philosophy in order to avoid having to face the inconsistencies of having opposed the Vietnam conflict but then supporting some later military engagement.

And Dean is just one of those selfish cowards who, to this day, can't come to grips with what he did the better part of 35+ years ago. So he's forced to continually look to Vietnam as his inspiration, as his benchmark for formulating positions on the use of our military today.

Luckily, those of Dean's generation who are of a like mind are in the minority today. Older folks, who had done their duty, feel no need to trash our military in order to validate themselves. Younger folks, who may be just as selfish, but thanks to the lack of a draft, never had to face giving up their soft lives, don't feel the need to trash our military. And those in the middle, who also did their jobs, well, they're definitely not going to trash our military.

You know, as bad a job as Bush is doing, he's always been lucky with his opponents. He got to face Gore and Kerry. And now he has Howard Dean. Maybe this is God's way of rewarding Bush for becoming born again.... something has to account for it.... no one can be that lucky.