Monday, December 05, 2005

In Washington, it's called 'growing in office' when a Republican surrenders his conservative principles in return for some nice mentions in the MSM.

I wonder what they call it in Israel, where Sharon obviously has given up trying to protect Israel's security in favor of sucking up to both the Bush Administration and the terrorist-enabling Labor Party. He's done it with his continual coddling of the Palestinian terrorists. And there's no other way to interpret Sharon's continued insistence on playing 'diplomat' with regards to Iran's nuclear programs.

What kind of diplomatic pressure do you think is going to work? Economic pressure? Keeping Iranian athletes out of the next Olympics?

Ariel, here's a clue: when the fanatical Muslim head of Iran says "Israel must be wiped off the map", you need to believe that the guy is going to do what he can to make that happen. The fact is that the Iranians are doing everything in their power to develop nuclear weapons and they will use them as soon against you as soon as they have them.

And you are running out of time and opportunities to keep that from happening.

Political pressure will not work. Relying on Bush to come to the rescue is not wise (Bush is so shell-shocked by what is going on in Iraq he has no stomach for taking on any more military challenges). Military action is needed... and if you don't have the guts or the spine to use it to save your people, then do them a favor and fall on your sword and leave and let someone take over who is not too stupid to recognize a threat when they see one and not too weak to order the military into action.

If you don't, you're going to make it real easy for me to turn down my wife's request that the family go to Israel.... because there won't be an Israel.

And if you let that happen, I sure don't envy you trying to explain to God why you let his chosen people be forced out of their biblical home....