Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm glad the Iraqis are going to vote (again). I just don't think that it was worth the 2,100+ American lives that it has cost...

And the number of American casualties incurred so far all but guarantees that Bush will neither have the domestic support nor the intestinal fortitude to launch off on any more ill-advised adventures. There's no chance that the American people will support bringing democracy to Iran, to Syria, to Saudi Arabia....

Bush's decision to make bringing democracy to Iraq the cornerstone of his foreign policy has not, nor will it, make us more safe. So long as there is a single country willing to harbor terrorists (and the list of countries willing to do that is pretty extensive), it doesn't matter if Iraq is or isn't a 'shining city on a hill'.

In business, it's just plain silly to start on a project you don't have the ability (financial or otherwise) to see through to completion... it would be as if a company spent a fortune developing a product but had no money to fund production... or introducing a product in one small test market and not having the money or the sales force to expand nationwide. The same holds true in war: MacArthur didn't land on Guadacanal and stop, the Allies didn't invade Italy and stop.

Yet, that is what Bush has done in getting us involved to such a degree in Iraq. Bringing democracy to the oppressed people of the world was not supposed to be a one-country experiment; Iraq was supposed to be merely the first stage. But because Bush botched things so badly, it willl be the last stage... which means our soldiers and Marines will have died, not for to protect America, but for some Iraqis we frankly just don't care about.

And that is what I blame Bush the most about: as President, he is supposed to use our troops in order to protect us... and he failed to do this... because he was too stupid or ignorant or idealistic to realize what was really happening.