Thursday, December 29, 2005

I guess I'm ignorant... of the Bible, that is...

Like LaShawn, I went to see Narnia over the Christmas break (actually, on Christmas). Had it not been for all the braying in the blogosphere about the Christian allegories, I wouldn't have thought that any of the movie had anything to do with the Bible. Yes, Aslan is killed and comes back to life... but so did the Terminator (lights out, lights on) and I don't figure that the cyborg was an allegory for Christ either. In fact, the movie explains that Aslan came back to life because of some secret magic that the White Witch either didn't know about or had forgotten. Aslan is a very capable warrior, at least as far as lions go, and led a small, but capable, army... wasn't Christ supposed to be a peaceable carpenter? Aslan kills the White Witch... wouldn't Christ have touched her head and forgiven her for her sins? Aslan viewed the four children as the kings and queens... how exactly do they fit into the whole Christ thing anyway?

I did like the movie... but as a fairy tale kind of thing. Just as I enjoyed the latest Harry Potter movie... for exactly the same reason.