Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I expect this from Democrats, but I hate it when Republicans whore themselves out... especially to foreign governments.

Rob Allyn, who I previously hadn't heard of, but is apparently a player, having helped Bush beat Ann Richards in 1994, is getting paid to represent the Mexican government.

It's bad enough when somebody sells themselves to domestic interests - at least there the fight is over how to split the pie among American interests. But when they hire themselves out to other countries they are looking to advance the interests of their client, which, by definition, is not consistent with the interests of the United States (think about this: you don't need to hire a lobbyist if you're already getting what you want. You hire a lobbyist to get what you're not getting).

Keep in mind the only reason the Mexican government would do this is because (1) they don't like the policies of the United States and (2) they feel Allyn can use his influence to get those policies changed.

What a whore.