Saturday, December 17, 2005

I disagree with John's thinking that Israel would retaliate with nuclear weapons against Iran if Iran were to hit Israel with a nuke of its own...

because, unfortunately, Israel is no longer the plucky little country that some of us remember which was willing to do just about anything to ensure its survival. It is a shell of its former self, having only a name in common with the country that the likes of Golda Meir unleashed on its enemies.

The Israel of the past would never let Iran have nuclear weapons. It would never let Iran, or any other country, get away with striking at Israel without being hit back harder than ever could be imagine. And that is the rub: the Israel of today talks big but, when it counts, is run and full off pacifists who would rather go somewhere else in the world than do what is necessary to protect itself. As proof, can you ever imagine the Israel of yesterday letting the Palestinians and Hamas and Hezbollah do what they have done to Israel without completely destroying those terrorist groups? Can you imagine the Israel of Golda Meir and Moshe Dayan and the (younger) Ariel Sharon ever letting countries such as Syria and Iran get away with supporting terrorists without suffering some serious consequences?

Me neither.

And, on the same thread, I'll point out to Ace that the US would never use nuclear weapons against Iran... whether or not Iran has used them against us.

First, Bush won't strike first against Iran. He is so beaten down by the 'pre-emptive' action he took in Iraq that he has no spine, no guts to do it again on a conventional basis, and certainly never using nuclear weapons.

Second, presuming that Iran uses nukes against Israel, there would be incredible pressure on Bush to NOT get in the middle. Europe (thankful Iran did their work for them) would be screaming for Bush to not escalate things. Democrats here at home - even the Jews, who are more anti-war than they are pro-Israel - would be marching in the streets demanding that Bush not get involved.

And finally, should Iran use a nuke against us, Bush wouldn't retaliate, and for much the same reasons. His critics would question his claims to know that Iran was responsible. They would scream that it was really all our own fault, that is was Bush's invasion of Iraq and other misguided policies that led to Iran doing what it did. They would scream that escalation only makes things worse, that what was needed was peace and love and understanding.

And Bush would listen to them. As would President-elect Hillary.