Friday, December 23, 2005

I can not think of any other word but hypocrite...

When the Plame kerfuffle broke out, many on the left, Mark Kleiman being one of the shrillest, rose up in indignation and demanded that the long arm of the law be brought to bear against those responsible for releasing classified information. Kleiman was so rabid about the matter that he - not privy in the least to any of the inner deliberations of the grand jury - was willing to bet* that Fitzgerald would bring charges against Karl Rove.

Fast forward to now, a week after the NYT revealed information about the NSA intercepting communications, and there's a lot of grumbling on the left.... but not about the leaking of classified information, but rather about the intercept program itself.

Now, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what is going on... the left doesn't care about the release of classified information, they only want to throw out stuff that, in their mind, makes Bush look bad.

That's why they could (and did) belittle the perjury charges against Clinton as being much ado about nothing while applauding the perjury charges brought against Libby. That's how they could get so upset two years ago about the leaking of supposedly classified information and demand an investigation and care so little about classified information being leaked today. That's how they could complain about Bush not doing enough to protect America from attack while complaining that Bush is doing too much to protect American from attack. That's how their leaders in Congress could not say a word about the intercept program during any of the briefings they received, yet complain so much about the program once news of it showed up in the NYT.

The fact of the matter is that many on the left have no principles other than making themselves look good and those on the other side look bad.

And it is sad that they see nothing wrong with what they are doing... and yes, I know many on the right can be just as bad... but that is no defense for what the left is doing.... after all, they're supposed to be smarter... and more honest than us selfish, stupid, bigoted, law-breaking rubes on the right.

* to be fair, it isn't a lot of money...