Saturday, December 17, 2005

Dare I say that the media uproar over Bush authorizing wiretaps of conversations of people believed to be communicating with terrorists gives lie to McCain's argument that it would be okay for those who think they have a really good reason to disregard his soon-to-be-passed unilateral disarmament legislation?

After all, I'm sure Bush thought there were really good reasons for doing what he did... and I don't see anybody on the left side (media or 'officially declared' Democrat) cutting him any slack...

And, while I'm on the topic, let me say that this is looking to be another case where the Bush Administration's incompetence will lead to their snatching defeat from the arms of victory. I didn't see Scott McClellan, the most-incompetent Press Secretary ever, pointing out that there are Americans alive today because of information gathered as a result of these intercepts - and asking whether the critics of what Bush is doing would have preferred for the terrorist attacks prevented as a result to have taken place. I didn't see the Administration defending what was done, rather I see them muttering about 'respect for civil liberties' and all that mush. Why didn't the White House get to Specter (who owes them big time, as we all know) and ask him - or tell him - to keep his grandstanding mouth shut for the time being?

Time and time again, Bush has allowed a defensible position to be lost because he and his team are totally incapable of getting the right message out. Time and time again, Bush has allowed his Administration to be put on the defensive because he wouldn't get out front of the story (see: Abu Ghraib, where his clumsiness allowed the story to be depicted as emblematic of the entire military, rather than the actions of a few inbred idiots. see: McCain's unilateral disarmament, where Bush's failure to defend taking actions necessary to protect American lives has led to an important weapon being taken out of the hands of our side. see: the reauthorization of the Patriot Act, where Bush's failure to keep the measure specific to fighting terror (and not loading it up with non-relevant issues, such as narcotics enforcement) and his failure to make the case to the American people that this law has helped keep them safe has led to its (as-of-now) defeat.)

(UDPATE: Today, Bush finally got his act together, defending his actions and criticizing those who revealed the existence of a secret program... but why did it take him more than a day to do this?)

For some number of months, I have been looking for an analogy or metaphor to describe the way I think of Bush right now. He gets some things right, but the things he gets wrong (see above for a very-partial list) makes me wonder... I thought of Chance the Gardener, but thought that wasn't quite right. Then I thought of Carly Fiorina, the former head of HP, who had a couple of good ideas but was rather incompetent at carrying out her plan to remake the industry... but this isn't quite right either, as Fiorina actually got good press pretty much up to the time they pulled back the curtain and discovered there was no there there.

So the search continues....