Friday, December 16, 2005

Christ, while I agree that Congress ought to have better things to do than try to protect Christmas from being 'de-Christmastized', the hissy fit some arehaving over the alleged refusal of the House GOP to include Hannukah symbols is ridiculous...

As a general rule, Jews aren't out trying to stick menorahs everywhere, and the people who are looking to stick symbols of Christmas all over the place aren't looking to also include Hannukah symbols, so what's the point of trying to include Hannukah symbols in the resolution? Nobody is doing it, nobody wants to do it, but we need to protect their non-existent interest in doing so?

Jews make up about 2% of the population; blacks make up a larger percentage of the population and, as far as I can tell, Kwanzaa symbols are included in this resolution either and I haven't (yet) read that this resolution is racist. Not carving out space for each and every group is not evidence of animus towards that religion. The country can have a holiday on Christmas (and Easter, for that matter) without having to also take time off for Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan or whatever day that Hindus, Wiccans and the Cherokee Nation considers important... that's one of the things that happen when a group forms 90% of the population: things they consider important take center stage, with others off on the sidelines.

When you add up to a whopping 2% of the population, one ought to be grateful that one lives in a country that is as open to minorities as America - it's not legal to shoot someone because they're Jewish. It's not legal to burn synogogues down to the ground. Trashing Jews is usually met with scorn. Kids are taught about the Holocaust in school. But, noooooo, a whole lot of Jews (to the extent that a whole lot of 2% adds up to much) have to look at every thing through the lens of their 2,000 years of persecution, where every slight (imagined or real) is evidence of the Holocaust, Round 2.

Ridiculous. Just ridiculous.