Friday, December 02, 2005

As if any more proof was needed that a subset of the plaintiff's bar was nothing more than bottom feeding pond scum, here comes news that lawsuits are being prepared against soda makers for having soda machines in schools...

According to the (soon to be) plaintiff's, these machines are responsible for the rise in child obesity.

Never mind that a kid puts far more calories into his or her mouth outside of school than they ever do while in school... a kid eats, at most, 5 lunches a week while in school, while ALL of their breakfasts and dinners and evening snacks and late afternoon snacks and all of their weekend eating is done outside of school. Using a 120 calories per can as an average, even if the kid was scarfing down 2 cans a day, that's a maximum of 1,200 calories a week coming from sodas... counting the afternoon and evening snack as the equivalent of one meal, the five lunches a kid eats at school amounts to only 18% of their total caloric intake... which means, the only way that kid is getting fat is if they are being allowed to eat like pigs everywhere else.

And never mind that the parents are supposed to be responsible for their kid's eating and overall welfare. If anybody ought to be held responsible for fat kids, why not penalize the idiot parents who let the kids get that way?

And never mind that causation ought to be impossible to prove. As alluded to above, there's no way to establish that any single kid (or even a class of kid) got fat because of the sodas they consumed while at school (was it the sodas at school that made them fat or was it all the fatty foods their mom bought that they ate while playing video games all afternoon?).

And never mind that sodas are legal in all 50 states... and even in Washington DC.... and I fail to see how a maker of a legal product can be held responsible for what happens when the product is used as directed (open mouth, drink).

And never mind that EVERY adult and ALMOST EVERY kid knows sodas are loaded with calories and will (help) make you fat if you drink enough of them.... there's never been any suggestion that the soda companies have conspired to withhold information about the dangers of drinking too many sodas.

And never mind that some people drink lots of sodas a day and don't get fat (it's because we behave ourselves other ways... we don't have 3 slices of cake, we don't sit around on our butts all day playing video games).

And never mind that the soda machines didn't show up themselves but are there as a result of a contract with the school system... so, if anybody was to be sued, why wouldn't it be the school system that was at risk?

As I said, these attorney's are bottom feeders.... along with the politicians who take their bribes (oops, I mean 'campaign contributions') and refuse to reform the tort system as needs to be done...