Friday, November 11, 2005

With Pat Robertson in attacking the town of Dover, Pa for their vote against teaching Intelligent Design in the schools, if there is NO disaster in the area, does this mean that God doesn't exist? That God wasn't paying attention? That God doesn't care what the people of Dover did? That God doesn't hold a grudge against the people of Dover? That God doesn't want any half-baked Intelligent Design explanation of the universe, God wants the full-blown creationism?

And I've always been taught that when it comes to discipline, it's important for the person to know just why they're being punished. So, if, God forbid, there is a disaster in the area, how will we know for sure why God did what he did? Can we be sure that God was ticked off at their vote? That God wasn't upset about other things they've done? No offense, good people of Dover, but are you really all that pure, aren't there some things that you've been doing that God might want to punish you for?

Maybe the next time Robertson talks to God, he'll clear things up and let us all know. I know I'll sleep more soundly knowing. As, I am sure, will the people of Dover.