Monday, November 07, 2005

We're not being consistent, folks (part 14)...

We rightly laugh at the liberals who want to dwell on old issues that the rest of the country has moved past... 'Bush stole the election', the 'GOP disenfranchising blacks from voting', 'Bush lied, people died'.. these are all subjects the liberals just can't leave along.

Ad we ought to be smart enough to not do the same.

But that is exactly what we're doing with the blathering about Joe Wilson's adventure. His trip is long in the past and it's been proven he lied about aspects of his trip. So let's move on. Let's not keep harping on why he was sent, whether there was a CIA conspiracy, why he wasn't required to sign an NDA, and whether the French were involved. Libby's trial is (and should be) about the question of whether he lied to investigators and the grand jury, and not an opportunity to re-open the whole sorry spectacle.

The American people don't care about the particulars of what Wilson saw, what Wilson did. Nothing good will come from keeping the story alive. Maybe there was more than meets the eye, maybe not. Maybe, had the Bush team not been so darned incompetent, these issues would have been addressed years ago. But they weren't and not it doesn't matter. The subject ought to be closed, as it belongs in the archives.