Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This ain't right....

Angry that day laborers, some of whom are likely to be in the country illegally, hang around a 7-11 while looking for work, local representatives of the Minuteman Project have taken to photographing and following the cars of those offering work to these people. According to a spokesman for the group, they intend to turn over the information to the IRS so the IRS can "check whether the employers are complying with tax regulations and reporting the wages paid to the day laborers".

First, this group is targeting an entire group (day laborers) because some of them are probably in the country illegally. Note I use the word 'probably', as nobody in the Minuteman Project knows for sure who is and who isn't an illegal immigrant (you think anybody is going to show their green card to a guy carrying a video camera?). And there are plenty of people who are in the country legally who look for day labor work... maybe because that's the only work they can get, maybe it's to supplement their regular paycheck.

Second, the people doing the hiring aren't, to the best of my knowledge, responsible for payroll taxes and the like. They're not hiring employees, they're hiring contractors who are responsible for their own reporting and payment of taxes.

Third, assuming there were a lot of illegals among the day laborers hanging around, why isn't the INS/DHS doing something about it? It's not as if this 7-11 is a state secret.