Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thinking ahead to Thanksgiving Day 2006...

We're still in Iraq, with American combat deaths passing the 3,000 mark. Insurgents continue to hit Iraqi and American targets with suicide bomb attacks and IEDs. Every week or so, it seems as if another Iraqi government official is killed. Zarqawi has been reported killed numerous times, only to turn up alive every time. The Syrian border with Iraq remains an open highway for insurgents coming into Iraq. Fewer countries remain as part of the 'coalition of the willing'. Our military continues to rack up impressive body counts, only to see someone new to step up to replace those who have been killed. We've blown past the $400 billion mark on spending associated with the Iraq conflict. Power is a somewhat on, somewhat off matter for good parts of the country. Oil production remains below the levels that could have been produced during Hussein's rule. Hussein's trial has been continually postponed due to the continuing assassination of witnesses, defense attorneys and the occasional judge.

If this was the situation, would Bush still be saying (over and over and over again) that America 'needs to stay the course'? Would he still be throwing billions of dollars at domestic programs in order to deflect criticism that spending on Iraq was drying up dollars for use at home?

Would the kool-aid drinkers on the right still be attacking as defeatist and unpatriotic those who arguing for Bush to outline his plans for getting the job done?

Would the left, after (surprisingly) not picking up much during the November elections, still be stuck on "Bush lied"... or would they have come up with some other chant (such as 'Bush is incompetent and people are dying')?

Would Cindy Sheehan still be getting airtime? Or would she have been replaced by a newer, prettier face?

Look, I hope the above doesn't play out the way I've described.... but it might. And, if it does, I'm afraid Bush is too stubborn and too dumb to do anything but continue on the course he set out on the better part of 4 years ago.

As the adage goes, stupidity is defined as doing the same thing and expecting different results. I guess we'll have to wait and see - if the situation on the ground next year is as I've described - whether Bush will do anything different from what he has done to date....