Sunday, November 06, 2005

There's a lot of commentary about the Muslim rioting in France...

The major storyline is 'disaffected Muslim youths fighting for recognition', where underemployed, discriminated against, beat on, isolated young Muslims lashes out against the big bad society that has treated them so badly.

If the plot sounds familiar, it ought to be. It's the way the MSM portrayed the rioting in LA in the aftermath of the Rodney King verdict. It's the way the looting and destruction in post-Katrina New Orleans was described. It's the way the destruction that accompanies world economic conferences are described.

It's always described as the downtrodden striking a blow against the Man (or, in the case of anything globalization related, as striking a blow on behalf of the downtrodden). It's always society's fault that these poor people have been so mistreated that they've finally erupted in a spasm of violence and destruction.

Just for once, I would like to see it described in simpler terms. What is going on in France right now, just as what happened in Los Angeles, New Orleans and Seattle before, is what happens when a segment of society that lacks the values of the community as a large, and who, for one reason or another, thinks they can away with acting the way they've always wanted... but have been too afraid to try earlier.

It doesn't matter what the trigger is. It could be two young men accidently electrocuted. It can be a verdict. It can be a hurricane. It can be a blackout. As the saying goes, any excuse will do.

And that is all it is.... an excuse.

The other necessary ingredient is what I'll call broken windows in reverse. Start with the authorities sitting on their hands and not taking sufficient action at the start and add the MSM and the liberals kicking in with their chant of 'don't blame the victims'. This is what happened in France over the past week, what happened in LA, in New Orleans, in New York during the blackout years ago.

As most people with common sense know, when you make excuses for someone, you get more of the same (it's called enabling). These rioters don't need understanding. They need a good smack in the head. They need to be on the receiving end of some live fire.

Of course, that won't happen in France. As is their history, it's only a matter of time until they surrender.