Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Thanks to a self-plug from a commenter, I came across the news that "one of the most significant and troubling issues of our time" is..... drum roll,
"the U.S. government's arrest and imprisonment of terrorist suspects without due process".

How many times does one have dropped on the head as a kid in order to believe such nonsense? Just how ignorant does one have to be of what is really going on the world to think that this is oh-so-significant?

Let's see, we have real terrorists blowing up trains in Madrid, buses in London, clubs in Indonesia, shopping districts in India and both Americans and Iraqis in Iraq. We have ethic cleansing (genocide lite) in Darfur. We have news that Hussein bribed hundreds of people and businesses in order to keep his regime going. We have Iran building a nuclear weapon. We have North Korea threatening to use the ones they already have.

My friend, these are real issues. Next to these, what is happening at Guantanamo, or at the CIA's secret prisons, is insignicant cosmic dust. And if you think otherwise, you're revealing the depths of your stupity.

It's not that we really expect you to say thanks for our efforts to gain information that might well prevent another round of terrorist attacks.... because we realize that you're too dense to realize that there are really truly people in this world who want to kill you and that efforts such as what we're doing at Guantanamo and elsewhere are all that stands in the way of some fanatic blowing you and your sorry rear end to bits. We'd be happy if you would just shut up and let us go do what needs to be done. Stop feeling sorry for the terrorists and start feeling happy that for every terrorist who has been captured or killed, there are probably dozens and dozens of people who are still alive.

For if you don't shut up... and if you're actually successful in neutering our anti-terrorist efforts, well, to paraphrase (and butcher) the old line, 'when the terrorists come, I hope they start with you'....