Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Some thoughts on Cunningham's taking bribes from defense contractors...

... It shows that at least some of the GOP members of Congress are just as morally challenged as anybody on the other side.

... The amount of money paid to Cunningham - $2.4 million - is indicative of how much money must have been at stake for businesses (or anybody, for that mattter) to be willing to pay that much money to a single Congressman... and no better proof that Congress has way too much power.

... Cunningham is a former Navy fighter pilot, yet this didn't mean that he couldn't be really wrong years and years after his dance with glory. I wonder if people will keep this in mind (the being wrong, not the taking of a bribe) when jumping on McCain's bandwagon.

... And does anyone doubt that others on the Hill are just as guilty of taking bribes - and Cunningham was just stupid and/or unlucky enough to get caught?