Tuesday, November 15, 2005

So Rice leans on Israel to get them to agree to give Palestinian terrorists a free pass into Israel... and gets Israel to bend over, say thank you and ask for more...

That, of course, is not the way the deal is being described. To its supporters (a/k/a those who value form over substance), this agreement was necessary to keep the Palestinians from being virtual prisoners in their own territory.

But why should Israel have any obligation to let the Palestinians into Israel? Israel is a sovereign country and ought not to be pressured to allow non-citizens access to its land. I know of no other country that is similarly forced to allow other countries access to its land and its markets. We're under no obligation to let either Canada or Mexico have access to the United States. The only reason we agree to do so is because we think we benefit as a result. But there's nothing in this new deal for Israel. The Palestinians have nothing to offer Israel that is worth the risk that Palestinian terrorists will gain access to Israel as a result of the border being opened.

And why is the burden on Israel to save the Palestinians? If the Palestinians need to gain access to the outside world, let them do it through Egypt... it's not as if the Palestinian terrorists have been blowing up Egyptian buses and shopping centers.

The Palestinians got what they asked for, their own territory and the right to govern themselves. Let's leave it at that. If they dealt themselves a bad hand, it's up to them to work things out... it's not for the US Secretary of State to lean on Israel to save the Palestinians from their own stupidity (actually, the Israelis have been saving the Palestinians from their own stupidity for more than a decade... but that's not my point).

And the fact of the matter is that the terrorists will find a way to get themselves across the border into Israel. Hey, anyone creative (and depraved) enough to use ambulances to ferry bombs will certainly be able to smuggle terrorists across the border. What the Israelis have just done is sentence some unknown number of their own people to death in order to put lipstick on Condi Rice's pig.

It's a shame that Condi Rice isn't bright enough to recognize this. Sure, she throws around nice sounding words and looks good parading around the world. But the sum and substance of what she is doing is a net minus for free countries of the world. In fact, can anyone distinguish between what she is doing and what Mad Madeline Albright did during her disastrous term as Secretary of State?