Friday, November 25, 2005

So I guess history does repeat itself, the second time as farce, as evidenced by Mother Cindy's return to Texas... and since her first visit to Texas was in itself a farce of the first magnitude, I can't wait to see how this visit turns out...

The more I think about this, the more it seems that the amount of coverage Mother Cindy gets this time around will be a way of measuring just how callous the MSM can be in its pursuit of Bush. The lady pretty much jumped the shark the last go round, with her bus tour and assault on Washington. The public doesn't think highly of her (sympathy, yes, support for what she is doing, no). The House just overwhemingly passed on supporting her call for pulling the troops out of Iraq. She's mentally lost it.

If the MSM had an ounce of decency, they'd leave her alone and let her come to grips with her situation (lost son, lost husband, messiah complex). They'd let her deal with her demons out of the public eye.

But I'm afraid that's not meant to be. Because unlike the crazies who have set up their protest tents across from the White House, the MSM thinks Sheehan still has some useful life as a tool with which to batter Bush. Not much, but enough to warrant putting her on the news a couple of times, running some stories about her every couple days or so. Her handlers - who claim they are there for her, but in reality, are there to push their agenda - will make sure there's some 'news' element to what she does, ensuring a couple more minutes and a few more inches of coverage.

And then finally when she has totally lost it, they'll lost interest.... and move to the next tool.

And, for anybody who cares, I've been light on the posting as I've been 5 hours behind the curve, enjoying basketball, sun and yes, a lot of golf.