Thursday, November 17, 2005

McCain has it bass-ackwards, with his criticism of the Senate resolution calling for a 'significant transition to full Iraqi sovereignty during 2006 and his claims the Iraqi people are not going to "side with a government whose No. 1 partner (the United States) hints at leaving".

Uh, John, you think the Iraqis want the United States to stick around forever? Don't you think they want us gone (someday)? Wouldn't it be more of a problem for the fledging Iraqi government if we gave the Iraqi people the impression that we weren't going anywhere? Wouldn't it create more of a problem for us with the 'Arab street' if we indicated we were sticking around for the indefinite future?

Of course we are going to leave Iraq. They want us gone, the American people want us gone. We don't want the Iraqis thinking of us as a permanent occupying force. It would be irresponsible for us to not be discussing the time and circumstances under which we both would feel comfortable with the US pulling its troops out.