Tuesday, November 29, 2005

James Taranto takes a shot at Bono for supposedly spending $1,700 on getting a hat delivered to him and offers up a list of good deeds Bono could have done with that much money. But aren't conservatives supposed to be in favor of people doing what they want with the money they've earned? If Bono wants to spend his money - money that he earned - on having hats delivered.... then who are we to say he is wrong? It may not be what we would do with $1,700, but I sure don't want others feeling entitled to weigh in on what I spend my money on.... for once we acknowledge that such comments are legitimate, then it's a short and slippery slide to society enshrining such preferences into law.

And, while he's at it, James also takes some shots at a Muslim student at Arizona State who wants to ban ASU students from appearing in Playboy. To James, the student's religion is fair game with which to mock his crusade. But, again, I thought conservatives were supposed to pay attention to the substance of one's arguments and not the demographic of those making the argument or the reasons for making those arguments?

Bad, James, bad.