Monday, November 07, 2005

It's surrender, baby...

If CNN can be believed (sorry, no transcript), France has caved in to the rioters, promising more spending and more social programs to address the 'underlying cause' and 'root issues' of the rioting.

Silly me for thinking the root cause is a lack of values that lead to proper behavior and a society that has never properly punished those who fail to obey the law. Just once I would like to see a TV correspondent placing the blame on those rioting. Just once I would like to see a government official saying that it doesn't matter what the grievance is, there is no excuse for this behavior. And just once I would like to see society tell the lawbreakers that no discussion of 'root causes' will take place until after all of the illegal behavior is stopped and the ringleaders punished. And, while I am dreaming, just once I would like to see society step up to protect itself when the government refuses to do it for them.

But that is probably given too much to ask of any country, let alone France, where they have a history of surrendering. Based on what the French are doing, if I were de Villepin, I wouldn't waste time before I started thinking about what to offer them the next time they go off.... for, as the expression goes, once appeased, never satisfied.