Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm not sure if the better way to phrase Bush's "we do not torture" is "we care more about the enemy than we do our own folks" or " we care more about what other people think of us than we care about the safety of our own troops".

It's no surprise that McCain is the prime force behind the moves to legislatively prohibit torture... or, as Ace refers to it, "coercive techniques". McCain can be counted on for three things: (1) pushing campaign reform to atone for his Keating 5 days, (2) taking positions to the left of the GOP to score points with the media, and (3) try to keep our forces from doing to our enemies what the North Vietnamese did to him.

And beating POWs and detainees for the sake of beating them is wrong. And that is what happened to McCain. He wasn't beaten for information, he was beaten because the North Vietnamese enjoyed beating him. I'm never advocated that sort of behavior. I am totally OK with beating information out of our enemies.... because, as I've said before, and will never tire of saying, I care more about preventing the deaths of Americans than I care whether some terrorist gets subjected to 'coercive techniques'.

One more point: anti-torture advocates constantly pound the drum about how allegations of torture are costing us friends worldwide and how it leads to the Arab 'street' getting all upset. Yet, as events in France show, it doesn't take much to get the Arab street all that riled up. And, thinking back to the days of Vietnam, there were reports that our POWs were being mistreated by the North Vietnamese. Where were the world wide protests against the North Vietnamese? I don't remember the American street getting all riled up. I don't remember American youths running down to the enlistment office so they could go avenge the treatment given to their countrymen. The fact of the matter is that the likes of France just don't like us, period. If they didn't have the torture issue to complain about, they would just pick on something else.

So until someone can prove that torturing suspects in order to gain information DOES NOT work, then let's keep on doing it. And if we're not now doing it, let's start.