Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I used to like Rumsfeld... but now, he's not making any more sense than his boss.

As evidence, I offer up his statement "We must be careful not to give terrorists the false hope that if they can simply hold on long enough, they can outlast us.

What is Rumsfeld saying, that he wants US soldiers in Iraq until after all of the terrorists are gone? If he is, he is plain crazy. No matter how good our troops are, they're not going to be able to kill every last terrorist/insurgent.

Of course, they can outlast us! And, of course, they will outlast us! We're not (please, please, please) planning on staying in Iraq forever. Nor are we (please, please, please) planning on staying in Iraq until the very last terrorist is killed. And, since terrorists don't surrender, they'll be in Iraq long after we have left.

Of course, I don't believe the terrorists want us to leave Iraq. I think they they like us where they can find and easily get to us (even the Mexico border with the US isn't as porous as is the Syrian-Iraqi border). They blend in better with the locals than they could elsewhere (even in the suburbs of France). Even Bush, in his earlier, more lucid days, acknowledged as much with his flypaper strategy comments. If the terrorists really wanted us to leave, all they simply have to do is stop blowing up US and Allied troops. Their continued attacks only ensures that Bush won't give the order to start withdrawing troops.