Friday, November 18, 2005

I don't have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you...

Boy, George Bush is sure blessed when it comes to his opponents... He beats Ann Richards, who had one quip to her credit, for the Texas Governorship. He gets to take on Al Gore and then John Kerry, the two Democrats he could beat. He gets Howard Dean to take over the DNC. And now the Democrats, led by Vietnam vet John Murtha, have called for an immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq.... and with the GOP poised to smack the 'hawkish' Murtha upside the head, it will be a long time before any Democrat who lacks Murtha's credentials will be able to be taken seriously on the Iraq conflict.

I guess it doesn't matter how bad a job Bush is doing, how low his approval rating drops and how many troops are unnecessarily losing their lives over in Iraq because of Bush's "World Democracy Tour 2005", all that matters is that the Democrats continue to prove that they are bigger idiots than he is.

I wonder, if Abba Eban was alive today, if the Democrats would remind him of the Palestinians, for they too "never miss a chance to lose an opportunity"?

FURTHER THOUGHT: And it's a shame that the Democrats are so clueless. Bush needs to be pressured into outlining his goals, timetables and benchmarks for the mission in Iraq. Is success going to be defined as no terrorist attacks at all? Or will some attacks be okay, provided the body count isn't too high? Does all of the country need to be powered, or just most of it? How many Iraqi policemen and soldiers have to be on the job? How good do they have to be?

As I've said, without Bush outlining now what objectives need to be met in order for him to proclaim, for real this time, "Mission Accomplished", then he's not going to be able to leave without giving the terrorists and insurgents ample opportunity to claim that they drove us out.

And, given the utter incompetence of the Democrats, this conversation isn't going to happen. Bush is going to take the Congressional vote that is planned for tonight as a ringing endorsement of him and his pledge to 'stay the course'... just as he took last November's election as an endorsement of him... rather than as the repudiation of John Kerry that it actually was.