Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Granted, I don't think we should even be in Iraq, but is it too much to ask that Bush provide some benchmarks for when he intends to pull our troops out?

There's a lot of good going on there right now. The Iraqis have voted in favor of their new Constitution. They're on their way to holding their parliamentary elections next month. The Iraqi Army and Police are starting to pull their weight. Oil production is on the rise. Hussein's trial is underway.

With so much going well, isn't it time that we let the Iraqis know we're not planning on staying forever? And there's no better way to do that than by setting some timetables and benchmarks for when we'd look to start reducing troop levels.

Announce that when X happens, we'll look to bring home a certain number of troops. And when Y happens, we'll look to bring home a certain number of troops. And on and on until such time as we don't have anybody left.

Spare me the 'announcing our intentions will only embolden the terrorists'. First, no matter when we leave, the terrorists will claim they forced our leaving. Second, what do they have to brag about? Other than (and not making light of) the casualties they've inflicted, what have they managed to do?

Yes, not every insurgent and not every terrorist is dead, as evidenced by the constant news of even more dead American soldiers... but it's ridiculous to think that we're going to stay in Iraq until every last one of them is dead.

George, I'll give you a clue: start the process to pull our troops out and watch your ratings jump by 20 percentage points. You can watch the Democrat's huffing and puffing over pre-war intelligence become even more of a 'who cares?' than it is now'.

So what are we waiting for?