Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Further proof Specter is an idiot comes from his taking up the cause of Terrell Owens...

Look past how silly Specter's thoughts are on whether the NFL is guilty of some anti-trust violation (the matter is governed by collective bargaining, the Eagles are paying the guy, at least after the completion of his 4 game suspension, and are simply choosing to not play him). Look past his thinking that the plight of a single very well paid professional athlete is something that warrants the attention of the Senate.

Just focus on the idiot who wants to oppose the majority of Americans (and even Eagles fans, from what I gather from my very unofficial and unscientific research) who are happy with the way things turned out....

And, on a somewhat related topic, why is Michael Irvin still on TV, given his recent arrest? For all the hand wringing the media does about coddling jocks, why are they themselves keeping on the air - and paying lots of money - a guy who can't stay clean? Aren't there other former athletes out there, who don't have Irvin's record, who could do just as good a job in talking about football?